How to Throw an R-Rated Bash for a Buddy

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Thinking about throwing a raunchy party for a friend that would make Caligula blush? Here are some tips to get you started:

Choose a Reliable Venue

The venue is extremely important when you are hosting an x-rated event for adults. Most planners prefer to host at someplace private, like someone’s spacious home. However, this option is not available to everyone. You might not be able to cram a dozen or more people into your friend’s tiny studio apartment.

In that case, you can find an exclusive venue that suits the tastes and preferences of your buddy and other partygoers. Say you want an LGBTQI event. Then it’s best to look for a great club that facilitate discreet gay party events. That would leave less work for you as the planner. It means less cleaning, and less money spent on buying soirée goods.

Just be sure to pick a place that’s experienced in handling the type of raunchy event you have in mind. Privacy and reliability must be given priority.

Don’t Invite Anyone from Work

As a rule of thumb, it’s probably safe not to invite anyone from work to ensure utmost privacy. Your mate may not like rumours spreading around at his office about the bacchanalia at his home. Be picky about the guest list. Invite only likeminded people you both know and trust.

Make Sure the Invitations are Clearly Communicated

If you are throwing something like a birthday bash with an NC-17 theme, make sure the invitees understand that it is so. Write the invitations to clearly indicate the “adult” part of the bash. You definitely don’t want confused guests who are shocked to be there.

Stock Up on the Necessities

Plan early to get everything you need for the bash. You might want to order the penis balloons and eco-friendly glitter in advance. If you want to get kinky with sex toys and stripper poles, that would have to be planned in advance too.

Remember, any interactive objects (i.e. sex toys) must be new at the party. Never present used items under any circumstance unless they are sterilized. After the event, you must sanitize everything if you want to reuse anything.

This is where choosing an adult-friendly venue can be helpful. The club already has all the stuff necessary to make your bash as debaucherous as it can be without added expenses on your part.

Safety First

Keep this in mind like a mantra. Safety must be given the utmost priority. Make sure that all invitees know what consent means. You can help it along with armbands that indicate what each person is into. Also, don’t forget to stock up on condoms and lube. Allow a separate area for someone to retreat to if things get too hot for their taste.

Offer Plenty of Other Activities

It’s a private celebration, not an orgy. Therefore, it’s the host’s responsibility to ensure that there are G-rated activities for guests to indulge in too. Not everyone might be in the mood for the NSFW activities you have planned. So offer plenty of space for people to mingle and just chat as well. You can include a couple of regular party activities for the shy guests to partake in while everyone else gets their groove on.

The above are basic pointers you can use as guidance when planning an adults-only event. Keep safety in mind, and don’t do anything that your mates won’t like.

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