Plan the Best Road Trip Ever

Road trips sound fun and adventurous but it takes a little effort to plan one. Having a vehicle to drive to your dream destinations isn’t enough. So, if you are planning a road trip and is a first timer to the whole experience take a look at the tips given below to know what exactly you should do so make sure the trip happens without any glitches.

Decide a Destination

The first step in planning a road trip is deciding a destination. Since this will be your first road trip, it will be much easier for you to decide on a destination that is not too far way. You can then work on choosing the route you will take. Most often people choose the route that is the most scenic as this will give them a lot to see as they drive along. Get a map and gather friends who are coming with you and start deciding on the route you want to choose and the places you want to stop by on the way.

Pick the Right Vehicle

Not all vehicles are ideal for a road trip. Especially those that are not made for longer trips can only put you in trouble. The last thing you would want on your first road trip is to get lost in an unknown place because your vehicle had troubles. Convertibles, sports cars and small SUVs are the vehicles that are best for a road trip. Large trucks or vans are something that you should try to stay clear of when choosing the vehicle for the trip. When picking your vehicle, you should also make sure that it has enough space for all those participating in the trip. Check the vehicle before you start the trip to make sure you won’t have any car trouble on the way.

Plan for Stops

A road trip means you will be driving for long miles for hours and hours. It is important that you have some time for a break in between all the driving and sitting in the same way for longer periods of times. While planning your route you can also check for places where you can make small stops such as parks, restaurants, or stores. This does not mean you need to strictly stop at those stops either. If you come across any cafes you find interesting or want to try or if you come across a place that you want to check out and take some pictures, stop and try to have some fun at these places. However, while spontaneity sounds fun, if you are trying to stick to a strict schedule, keep the unplanned stops limited.

Pack the Essentials

It is really important to pack ell the essential items when you are on a road trip. You will need your license and the registration, a copy of the car insurance policy with all the necessary numbers and the car’s manual. Keep a spare tire just in case of emergencies. Pack a car emergency bag with all the other essentials you will need in case you have car trouble on the way. You will also need to have your phone charged, a paper map for places that has no signal and you cannot use google maps, some spare money, bug spray, enough comfortable clothing, a first aid kit, and necessary toiletries. Also keep adequate water with you. Try to see for places where water is wholesale available for easy purchase of large amount of water.

Apart from the above essentials keep in mind not to forget your music and camera. With all these items and the proper planning your road trip will go smoothly and you will get to enjoy the places you have been dreaming of seeing.

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