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A Giro d’Italia Cycling Tour You’ll Never Forget

The Giro d’Italia is one of the oldest and most storied bike races in the world, taking on the Alps, the Dolomites and the Apennines in a gruelling test of endurance. In fact, Italian Luigi Ganna was the very first winner back in 1909 and it has been a constant battle between local talent and the world’s best ever since.

Alfredo Binda became the first person to win the Giro d’Italia five times, while Gino Bartali was another homegrown champion during an era where foreign competitors were banned.

Fausto Coppi is another local legend who also won the Giro d’Italia a number of times, while Swiss rider Hugo Koblet become the first foreign winner, and Jacques Anquetil took out the title of first French champion.

To this day, it remains one of the most challenging and exciting cycling tests of endurance and attracts the top riders from around the world. And for good reason. Embarking across the same route, Australian provider A’qto Cycling Tours gives riders the chance to ride some of the same roads of these global champions. But this experience isn’t an easy ride; there’s plenty of challenges and exhilarating momentsalong the way.

So what can you expect on a cycling tour to the Giro D’Italia?

Take on your next cycling challenge at the Giro d’Italia

Are you looking to take on a cycling challenge? This trip allows you to take on the same gruelling hill climbs through the Italian Alps and Dolomites as the professionals.

The nine-day, eight-night trip will take you over a distance of almost 600km with a total elevation of approx 13,000 metres. It’s also designed to follow the actual race as much as possible, including many of the same hills and valleys the pros tackle.

In 2019, the ride began with an introduction to Italy, a lakeside roll around Lago di Como and then visited the Madonna di Ghisallo church and Museo del Ciclismo. On this ride, riders experienced some of the most notable tributes and monuments to fallen riders.

Day three featured the biggest climb of the tour, up the iconic Muro di Sormano where guests enjoyed local Italian cuisine at the summit, before descending the winding descent.

And this is exactly where the challenge built up, with riders taking on the PassodelloStelvio – which has an elevation of 2750m and the greatest number of switchbacks to challenge any rider.

Passo di Gavia awaited the next day before the journey headed east to the Dolomites where riders took on PassodelleErbe, a hidden beauty of Italy but also a climb to test endurance.

As the end of the tour began to see the light, riders had the opportunity to watch the Giro d’Italia riders sign in at a stage start, where they could collect autographs and souvenirs before following on and up into Passo di Falzarego. From there, the trip concluded with The Rollercoaster – an undulating ride through gorgeous scenery which provided the perfect backdrop for 3 days of amazing riding in the Dolomites.

Best of all? Every day and night you will get to enjoy the finest Italian food and wine, sourced locally and always reflective of the local culture and style.

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