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Adventure Tours From Geelong For You To Enjoy During This Spring!

The Waterfront city of Geelong with its colourful sculptures chronicling the city history is close to the stunning Great Ocean Road and surf-friendly beaches with world-class waves.  Here are some amazing adventure tours that you can start from Geelong this spring;

Great Ocean Road Surfing Adventure Tours

Experience real surfing with the wind on your hair and the sun on your face!  Surf in the beautiful beaches of Australia such as Anglesea, Torquay, Ocean Grove and Lorne, with the world-class waves!  Walk away with a smile and a new-found love for surfing at the end of your multiple-day surfing tours!  Learn this amazing recreational skill from professionals through private group lessons and one-on-one coaching to suit your preference and schedule.  The surf school will see to all your requirement on this tour from lessons, transport, Melbourne transfers, meals and accommodation.

Snorkelling Tours at Port Phillip Bay

Dive with wild dolphins, seals and colourful reef fish in a truly unique marine experience at Port Phillip Bay!  In a clever mixture of entertainment, adventure and learning, the friendly crew help you to interact with wild dolphins, seals etc. and learn about their habits and environment.

Snorkel at the Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park to encounter coloured reef fish, coloured sea stars and sponges.  View the novel rookery with feathery white chicks and experience the early sea and military history through master elucidation and stories from experienced aides.  End the cruise with the challenge of the ritual jump from the boat’s roof.

Customised Geelong Winery Region Tours

What best approach to explore the Geelong winery state than with the top down in a stunning 1966 Red Mustang Convertible!  Customise your tour to suit your preferences and quench your taste-buds! 

Arrange picnics or suggest cafes and restaurants of your choice for lunch, morning or afternoon tea.  Visit the award-winning wineries on the Bellarine Peninsula and the Geelong state!  Book wine tours to take in lunch and tastings at several widely held venues!  Your driver will collect you from your Geelong hotel, serviced apartments geelong, Avalon Airport, Queenscliff Ferry, Geelong Station or other private address.  Tours available on weekdays or weekends!

Great Ocean Road Adventure Tours

Start this amazing journey from Geelong and travel along the Great Ocean Road that winds through different terrains along the coast amidst idyllic scenery and famous landmarks!  Learn all about the history of the soldiers who built this great road at the Memorial Archway at Lorne and snap great photos on the iconic Memorial Arch. 

Indulge in the favours of the sea and ice-cream at Apollo Bay, before heading out to the lush green Eucalyptus forests of Otway and marvelling at the Myrtle Beach trees.  Wander along the waters which are thought to be the graveyard of around 700 shipwrecked vessels at the historic Shipwreck Coast!  

Arrive at Port Campbell National Park and awe at the limestone formations of the 12 Apostles as well as snap great photos of this wild and rugged coastline during your walks along the boardwalks.  Head down to Loch Ard Gorge for the site of a famous shipwreck, and marvel at more geological wonders of Island Archway, Razorback and ‘Salt and Pepper Shakers’.  Enjoy the wild beauty of the country roads by turning inland towards Melbourne.   

Everything You Need to Know on Travelling Safely in Africa

People often have their concerns about travelling to tropical countries because, quite naturally, they want to feel safer. However, there’s a world of adventure waiting out there for those willing to take the step and we believe it all begins with being well informed on what you’re getting into. This should apply for any vacation- put in your research and do it well so all your concerns will be washed away.

The Internet

When booking your African safari packages from Australia, keep in mind that these sites can probably give you a lot of information on current conditions in Africa. Travelling to any country in the world for the first time, especially when solo, can be a nerve-wracking experience so to ease your mind, you could always research into which cities are safer to find accommodation in.


As is the standard in any country, there are often various communities who do things a little differently to others. It might not necessarily fit in with your opinions, but since you are the visitor in a foreign country, you’re going to have to be respectful of these customs. In more conservative and religious homelands, you might have to dress with your elbows and knees covered, nothing too outrageous etc.


You’ll definitely want to pack in your usual medications such as aspirin, digestive tablets or antihistamines. But you should also make it a point to visit your doctor once you’ve decided on a concrete location that you’ll be staying in and get their advice on what vaccines you should be getting or if there’s any other medication you should be taking along etc. Don’t forget your anti-malarial precautions too! Take enough so you can apply repellent on your arms and legs generously each day.

Bottled Water

Especially if you’re visiting from a city that doesn’t endure warm climates much, you’ll want to keep in mind that you’re going to be doing quite your fair share of exploring the wilderness and its humble inhabitants. This can be exerting work so you’ll want to make sure that you and your group stay hydrated at all times. Also make it a point to use bottled water over tap whenever possible.

The Safari

Needless to say, if you are going on a safari, you’ll want to watch your back and listen to your guide very closely. You’re going to come into contact with majestic animals that you’ve only ever seen on television but they are very much wild creatures so make sure you don’t try to interact personally with them or step too close to them. Essentially, get yourself well briefed before the safari and heed your guide’s every word.

Travelling to a foreign country in the tropics for your first time can be a little scary, yes. But it all falls down to respecting others and the rules of the attraction that you are visiting. This is pretty standard of any country isn’t it? So keep all these things in mind and you’re absolutely good to go!

Benefits of Using the Right Kind of Artificial Bait

When it comes to fishing, we have to get several things right if we are to catch even a single fish. There are plenty of times when fishermen get everything ready but fail to catch a single fish due to a single and simple mistake. One of the most important things which we have to consider with great care while fishing is the bait we use. This is what we use to attract the fish to us and trick it so that we can catch it.

In the earlier days, there was only live bait. However, by now we have all sorts of artificial bait too. A lot of people use this artificial bait because it comes with benefits if you are using the right kind of artificial bait.

Can Re-Use the Bait

If you consider the live bait, you could only use it once to catch one fish. Once you put the live bait to the fishing rod and use it to catch a fish there is no bait left to catch another fish using it. If you want to catch another fish, then you have to attach new live bait to the fishing rod. However, with the artificial bait like the Z-Man plastic lures, you do not have to use different bait every time you want to catch a fish. You can use the same bait. You can re-use the bait. This means the money you spend for the artificial bait is going to allow you to catch many fishes. If the quality of this artificial bait is high it is going to be a long time before you have to buy a new one. In the meantime, you can catch several numbers of fish using it.

Can Catch Various Types of Fish Using It

With live bait, there are times when you have to use different kinds of bait to catch different kinds of fish as they are not all going to be attracted to the same kind of bait. Nevertheless, with the best kind of artificial baits, you can catch various types of fish as they are made to catch different types of fish rather than just one type of fish. This again makes fishing much easier as you do not have to swap baits to suit to different types of fish. You can easily use your trusty artificial bait to catch them all.

Easy to Handle for Any Fisherman

Also, artificial bait comes with the benefit of being easy to handle for any fisherman. We all know not all of the people who go fishing are experienced in the act of fishing. Newcomers to the act often have trouble with using live bait as they do not know how to attach the live bait to the rod in the correct way. With artificial bait, you do not have to go through such troubles. Even seasoned fishermen appreciate this artificial bait because they save time.

To enjoy all these benefits, choose the right kind of artificial bait from the best fishing supplies provider.

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